Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful: November 17, 18 and 19th!!

Ok, so I've not felt very thankful the last few days because I've felt so funky. Just when I get my energy back and I'm ready to tear the house down -- wait, Ellie's already done that, I meant: put the house back together -- I am felled with a staggering loss of energy, headache and often a coughing spell. My back is also hurting terribly. SO... there, I'm a whiner and I'm allowed to because I don't feel well.

BUT.... even in my really stinky bad mood, I've tried to think about things that I am thankful for that I might miss because they just aren't "big enough" -- the little things that I occasionally stop and say, "Thank you God for ...." So, here's just a short list of things I am thankful for and that will comprise my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday thankful post.

  • Heat and air -- after having been in K'stan, this is such a blessing and we just don't appreciate it enough. Try to remember that when you complain about the bill -- it could be worse, you could not have it at all.
  • Electricity - along with the heat and air, I am SO glad that electricity was invented to power all the things that make our lives more convenient. Yes, I'm spoiled and I'm certainly sure of it, but I am thankful for electricity.
  • The staff and volunteers at my church - I am usually remiss about thanking the folks that make our church run as well as it does. I know that the amount and level of commitment each of these people put forth is incredible and they are either a) overlooked or b) criticized. I want them, and their spouses, to know how very, very much I appreciate all they d0. Clap, clap, clap!!!
  • Ice - I like my drinks to have ice. Again, in K'stan, there was no ice to be found (well, other than at the Metro) and I was beside myself. It was hot and I wanted some ice.
  • The sun and the moon -- I love pretty much everything God created, but I am fascinated by the sun and all its functions and the moon and its function. I'm happy they are there. I am currently re-reading the Left Behind Series and there will come a day, foretold in Revelation, when the moon will turn to blood, followed by a time when the moon and the sun loose 1/3 of their power. I can't imagine what those days will be like.
  • Flannel sheets - I love, love, love flannel sheets -- even in the summer (unless it's really hot). There is nothing more comfy than flannel sheets.
  • Cameras - Imagine life without cameras???? All my memories are caught with a camera. I am able to flip by through some of the most precious moments of my life and see them in details that I might have missed during the actual event.
  • Clean water - We are so fortunate to live in a country where the vast majority of our tap water is drinkable. So many others are no so fortunate.
  • Books and bookstores - I love the smell of walking into a bookstore. I hope heaven has a bookstore. *smile* I have piles of books sitting everywhere that I want to read. I try to read a wee bit each day, capturing time in sparse snatches whenever I can. I am so appreciative of books that I cannot read a book with the dustcover on it, cannot bend pages and don't want anyone to write in a book in my presence (other than workbooks or my Bible and then it's ok).

So, there is a spattering of things I am thankful for. I'll try to continue hitting the highlights as the month goes on, but from here on out it gets crazy with Josh spending the night at his friend's tomorrow night for his friend's birthday; followed by Josh's birthday on Saturday, a basketball game; taking his friends out to eat and bringing them home for intense movie and game time and spending the night; Kevin's birthday on Sunday; catch up on work; create a football memory book for the team and get it ordered; kids being out of school after Tuesday, clean the house really well for Thanksgiving and begin thinking about the menu for Thanksgiving for 10 -- small compared to the last family Thankgiving which was 18!!; and hopefully, heading out on Black Friday with "the girls" to scout out any deals. And then.... duh, duh, duh -- decorating for Christmas. Anyone tired but me?? *smile*

Take time to be thankful -- even if you are in a funky mood.

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