Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Photos

Just typing the title of this post created a mixed feeling of nausea and hysteria.

Today, we went to make family photos with my parents. It is what my mama wanted for Christmas and we had not had pictures made with them (formal ones) since Kevin and I got married (almost fifteen years ago now). We had not had a family photo made since we came home with Ellie (yeah, I know....) so TODAY was going to be the day.

We got up with the sun and left our house by 8:15 because even though I was the one who said we'd all dress in black tops and khaki bottoms, I didn't realize until yesterday that Josh had NO black shirt and no shoes that fit other than Crocs and tennis shoes -- not really the look we were after. So a quick stop at Target and we arrived at the photography studio ten minutes early. This alone should have given me a clue that our karma was off for the day.

Ellie -- oy. Enough said. She only, only, only wants her mama today. This makes it hard for her to have a photo taken with her grandparents, doesn't it? It makes it really hard to get a photo of her with her brother too. By the time all six of us were gathered for the group photo, she was in rare form. Hissy fits, crying, throwing herself down on the floor -- all were treats for us, the photographers and the other guests waiting to have their photos made. I suspect she was the one other parents were pointing to and going, "DO NOT let me see you behaving like THAT." Joy.

The pictures were not good -- at all. They were so not good that we asked if we could go eat and return to have my favorite photographer there do them. At this point I'm thinking we should all drive up to Ohio and let my friend Kim take them.

We hustled over to the local IHOP to eat and it took forever, it seemed. We were all starving -- Ellie was laying on the table, climbing on the table, crying, fussing. UGH. When we left Kevin commented, "Let's stop going out to eat until they are both 18." I agreed.

We made it back for our second session which honestly was pretty much a repeat (with Ellie) of the first session. However, we did like the group picture better and got a picture of me with my two babies, so all was not lost. During the first session, they got some really good pictures of my mom and dad together that I was glad to get as I don't think I have any of them (professional) since I was little.

They are due back November 19. I'll try to remember to post them. The best one is one of Joshua hanging Ellie upside down as she was screaming. It captured the entire experience.

When we got home later I decided, based on Ellie's runny nose and cough it was time to break out some medicine and I gave her Robit*ssin for the first [and, might I add, last] time. Imagine Satan on speed and that's what Ellie was like at Josh's basketball game this afternoon/evening. People were actually moving away from us before Kevin just left the gym with her. Screaming, back arching, crying, kicking, smacking, inconsolable. UGH.


She is currently passed out for the night. She got up at 3 this morning, stayed awake until 5 and then slept from 5-7. She's had about a 45 minute nap. I'm hopeful she'll sleep ALL night and get rested up.

Josh's team, the Dragons, had their first basketball game tonight. No pix as I forgot the memory card. They lost 13-39. Hopefully it will be a better week for the Dragons next week (and for Ellie).


Jennifer G. said...

Thanks for telling your tale with such honesty. We had a rotten experience at dinner out tonight with friends, too. And although it was because Emme had an upset tummy, the crying and hysterics (Emme, not me, although I was getting close) were about as bad, albeit for a shorter time. I needed to hear that I wasn't the only one experiencing toddler meltdown in extremis today! But I'm sorry you had such an experience.


Jeanne said...

What a difficult day! Hope you can laugh about it eventually.

Check to see if you have plain Robitussin or one with other ingredients, as indicated by other letters after the name (DM, for example). Usually it is the decongestant that sets kids off. It is found in many cold medicines.

Mayme said...

This is a day that I can relate to!

Lori said...

I was going to say about the same thing that Jeanne said--most of those medicines that are *supposed* to make you tired and get some restorative sleep and feel better don't do ANYTHING but make me jumpy and hyper-excited--which I DO.NOT.NEED ever, certainly not when I am sick. It's usually the decongestant aspect of it.
Stinks too because John can take Nyquil or Benadryl and be OUT in 5 minutes. I take those and well...I like your description of Satan on Speed, though I hope I have a *little* bit more self-control. Maybe not....

The Stahnke's said...

Your still welcome any time to head this way for a photo shoot. It would be an honor.