Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've let my coupon blog fall by the wayside -- so many things to do yet so little time. For a quick update, Harris Teeter and Kroger are running triples Wed-Tues this week, and today I went. It was a long and hard day because so many things went south (mainly due to both my and the cashier's incompetence), but I managed to spend right at $155 and got $644 worth of groceries, saving 67%. I'm VERY pleased and know that we won't need groceries again (sans milk and probably diapers) this month.

Some great deals:

Yakisoba noodles - free
Carnation evaporated milk - free

Yeast - free
Tabasco sauce - free
Healthy choice lunch meat - free
Rotel canned tomatoes - free
Snuggle fabric softner - free
Starkist tuna salad pouches - free

Butterball Turkey Bacon - $.85
Birds Eye Frozen veggies - $.49
9 Lives 3 lb bag cat food - $.24 bag
Tyson Ready to Eat Beef Tips meal - $1.75
Creammate Creamer - $.49
Welch's Juice (64 oz) - $.24
Hunt's Canned Tomatoes - $.25 ea
Ms. Smith Pies - $.75 ea
Pillsbury ready to bake cookies - $.34
(3) bags Hershey's kisses - $1.00 (for 3)
Betty Crocker pouch potatoes -$.55 box
Sweet Sue chicken (can) - $.74
Sweet Sue chicken dumplings - $.25
Poptarts (lg box) - $.85
Keebler cookies - $.24
Pampers wipes - $.79
Hostess cupcakes - $.38
Duracell (4) AAA batteries - $1.24
Smart Balance butter - $.49
Lean Pockets - $.06
JFG coffee - $1.04
Scrubbing bubbles cleaner - $.24
Hormel lunch meat - $.75
Tony's pizza - $.17
Jet dry dishwasher liquid - $.74
Jet dry dishwashter cleaner - $.74

When I got home and had Kevin, Josh (and Braiden who was visiting) come out to help carry the stuff in, they all three were like, "WOW! That's a LOT of food" and it was -- back of SUV full and back seat pretty full. I think we are good to go well into December. I had a couple of credits at Harris Teeter for $20 (from purchasing prescriptions there) and used one of those to buy meat because I never have coupons for that. I have another one and will use it this week for some more meat. I want to stock the freezer for the winter so I won't have to think about meat for a while. Triples runs through Tuesday at both Harris Teeter in Nashville and Brentwood and at Kroger in Belle Meade and Bellevue.

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Lori said...

I love it!!!!!! I wish we had a Harris Teeter OR a Kroger near us!!! Giant doubles coupons up to $.99 all the time, but their prices are higher than the commissary so it isn't always a great deal. I'm working on it still, though!!!!