Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thankful: November 14

I am thankful that my children will get Christmas presents this year. Do you have children? Will they get a present? I was just over at John's blog (the one who is raising the money for the kids in Central Asia to get Christmas). I want you to read this and see if it strikes you like it did me:

... you see when this next week is over, and the challenge is done... we need to sit down and decide... who is NOT getting anything for Christmas this year.....

Sweet, sweet blog readers and Facebook readers of mine have come through with $140 so far, which will fund 28 kids. Mine and Kevin's goal is to raise enough funds to cover 100 kids. The challenge is OVER on November 23 -- next Monday -- ONE WEEK LEFT. John's team wants to fund 2000 kids for Christmas. So far, with all the challenges, there are 665 kids funded. I certainly wouldn't want to have to make the decision about who does not get Christmas.

These are the conditions found in Kyrgyzstan (click on the photo below to see the larger version). This is not a staged photo. It is real. Kids scrounge here for food. Can you spare $5 to give them hope? Thank you SO MUCH for those who already have given!! This is not about me, about Kevin, Ellie or Josh. This is truly not about PIE (although it's a way to make it a bit more fun). This is about children who need hope who need to know that someone loves and cares about them. This is about sharing the love of Jesus.

Feel free to email me if you'd like more information:

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Becky said...

Another $10 came your way tonight. I posted it on my facebook too, and its still on the blog of course.