Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful: November 6

Happy Gotcha Day -- TO ME!!! Forty years ago today (gosh, I'm old!!), my parents picked me up in Clarksville and took me home forever. I'm going to ask my mom to write up the story and I'll post it here later. MAYBE she'll even find, scan and email me a picture to add. Wouldn't that be cool?

I am so thankful for my parents who put up with all my "stuff" through the years and still continued to love me. One never appreciates their parents until they have kids of their own and let me tell you, I certainly appreciate my parents now! HA! My parents instilled in me honesty, good morals and a wonderful work ethic. They were strict on me because they loved me, but now I realize they had to be. They raised me in a Christian home and taught me what it means to be a Christian. They were supportive of me and anything I wanted to do with my life and I appreciate and love them more than they will ever know.

Tomorrow we are going to have family photos made -- it's the first time we've had one with all four of us since Ellie came home and the first time we'll have had professional pix made with my parents ever that I can remember. It will be fun -- at least, I hope the kids will allow it to be fun. My last experience with them at this studio was not so much fun. Afterwards, we are going to for breakfast to celebrate my Gotcha Day. I'm hopeful that we go to IHOP because I hear they have new "holiday" pancakes and I LOVE pancakes.


Jennifer G. said...

That is so amazing!!

Julie said...

I would LOVE to hear your mom's adoption story!!! Hope she does it!!

Lori said...

I'd like to hear your mom's story as well....and it will be more than priceless to you one day WAAAAYYYY out there when she's not with you any more.

Happy Gotcha Day! I'm thankful for you too!

Rachel said...

Love it. Parent's really are amazing, aren't they? Wish we would have appreciated them more when we were kids!

Have a wonderful day and I am SOO thrilled to hear about Kevin's job!

Allison said...

What a wonderful day! Would love to hear your mom's story. That would be priceless.
Happy Gotcha Day my friend!