Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dear God,
Please watch out for our baby. You were the Creator of her and know her destiny. You have placed her in our hearts and into our family -- even when we thought she might not be the child you had chosen for us.
You have given us everything we have asked of you in her. She is a beautiful, petite little girl. She has the most beautiful brown wavy hair and delicate lips. Her long fingers and tiny legs are intricately made by you. Her birthmother must have been a delicate beauty as well. Lord, thank you for her birthmother. Comfort her in the way only you can.
Lord, keep Ellie safe and healthy until we return. Move the hearts of her caregivers to pick her up and love her every day, to carry her outside to hear the birds and feel the wind and sun. Let her body absorb the nutrients she needs to continue to grow. Help her to understand in her heart that we are coming back for her, that we think of and pray for her every day, that we are preparing her room for her, buying the things she needs and preparing to have any medical care she needs when she comes home. Let her heart know we love her -- prepare her heart for us to help it be a stress-free transition for her.
Love her for us while we are not there.
To You be all the glory.


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Lori said...

Let her know that LOTS of people are praying her mommy's prayer for her...hear our prayers as well, for Ellie and all the babies still waiting, for their strength, their growth and their peace.