Friday, August 1, 2008

How Many Licks to the Center of Tootsie Pop?

That title grabbed your attention, didn't it? Those of you who are mature enough (notice the word OLD did not come to play here), will remember the commercials of boy who asks a hoot owl who decides he's going to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. He starts out, "One-tw0-three-CRUNCH".

Is there a lesson in patience there? Yes. Did I LOVE that commercial? Yes. Have I learned any lessons from that commercial? Apparently not.

NOW... for those of you who are scientific in your approach, know that I thoroughly researched this and found the following websites to be of HUGE interest on actually determining how many licks it takes.
  • Research study on "How Many Licks?" - Their conclusion: rotating sides takes approximately 505 licks. If you concentrate all your licks on one side: 253
  • Wikipedia gives some fascinating data on the Tootsie Roll and Tootsie Roll Pop and has a link to the actual commercial (factoid: in 2003 20 million Tootsie Pops a DAY were produced)
  • gives some interesting findings
  • And finally, while researching this MOST important topic, I found that at, they are having a $50,000 contest whereby you guess how many licks for your chance at the grand prize. Do you NOT think I am entering this contest??? On the same page there is another contest to vote for the next Tootsie flavor.
  • And for those aficionados who want to view the commercials straight from the site, click here.

Interestingly enough, there was NO reason for this post topic AT ALL other than I was trying to think of a title and this just popped into my head. My thought process is scary. You would NOT want to be me.

And, off the Tootsie Roll Pop topic, we went to the Children's Discovery Museum today in Chattanooga. We had a great time. I left my cell phone home by accident and I think it was a GREAT idea. I had Josh's phone if I wanted to call, but no one knew how to reach me other than my mom. Liberating, I tell you. Let's just all throw them away (yeah, right).

Tomorrow starts football. Our team was invited to play in a jamboree against the Donelson Warriors. It's basically a good practice for us before our regular season starts. I am ready to be back on the sidelines taking photos. Because I had such trouble with my camera last year (the photos got worse and worse quality as the year went on), I sent it in to be cleaned right before baseball started. I still had lots of "issues" with it during baseball. Finally, my mom decided it must be the lens. I have a Canon Digital Rebel EOS body and was using a Sigma lens. I've since gotten a Canon lens and am hoping that will solve the problems. Tomorrow is it's inaugural game. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I've set up the blog for Joshua's football team. If anyone is interested in visiting throughout the year, you can find it here or at the links on the side.

I've started cross stitching a blanket for Ellie (in my obvious spare time). I've found working on it in the car today was relaxing. We are supposed to go down to Atlanta for our nephews going-away party (he's going in the Navy) next weekend so I'm thinking I could get about 4 hours work on it as we drive down. There is a football scrimmage too, though, so I'm not sure which will happen.

Stay tuned for the post I was dreading having to write: when the jealousy begins.

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