Saturday, August 9, 2008

Football Saturday

Today the Joelton Vikings 9-10 year old football team had two mini-games at MBA in Nashville. They played teams from West Nashville and Flatrock. The first game, they won 24-0 and the second game they won 6-0. Josh played the entire time for both games.

It was a much cooler day than last Saturday so there were no complaints about the weather. Instead of a long post, I'll share some photos of Josh.
Above: Josh is the one who arms are wrapped around the opposing player.

Above: Joelton Vikings Line

Above: Josh and another player taking on an opponent

Above: Josh in his three point stance

Above: Josh on the right getting ready to tackle

Josh is doing great at football this year. We hope this is the year our team goes to the Superbowl!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

He looks like a pro out there!

janiece said...

Yeah Josh! Future MVP????