Sunday, August 24, 2008

Infant Car Seat - Check

Another big ticket item can be checked off the list as we now have an infant car seat. We have the Graco Snugride in the Kasey pattern. It is good for infants up to 30 pounds. Josh put it together tonight along with the stroller (with a small amount of help from his daddy). He loves to put things together so that was a big help. They are now covered back up in plastic and sitting in the office waiting to be used.
We've had several folks ask us what we still need. The honest to goodness truth is, nothing really. We have been blessed to have had three years to gather the things we might need, and, along with the generosity of so many, we have pretty much everything a little one could need. There are a few things left to get, but they are minor and include: diaper pail, trash can for the room, curtain (my mom has already given me the money to order that, I just haven't yet), developmental toys, a high chair, a jumpy or exersaucer for her to play in (I'm thinking I'll check a consignment sale for this) and formula.
My friend, A., who's also adopting, reminded me tonight that I need to start freezing some meals for when I return. I might take a day to cook up some things -- anyone have any great ideas on meals that freeze well?
We've been working on getting things ready around the house as well. We've stored things in the attic, begun sorting all the things in the office that needed putting away. We're now down to just needing a bookcase for all the books and putting in some type of door in the hall and the office will be complete. With a LOT of effort on Kevin's part ALL our clothes are clean (for once) and put away. It should last until in the morning at least. Each day we try to get a few more things done. We're getting there.
Ellie-belly, we are SO ready for you to come home.


Anonymous said...

You will LOVE the snugride carseat. That's the one I had for Landon(different pattern, of course!)I cried when he grew out of it at 6 months old!!!

Anonymous said...

Do she need any clothes? HAHAHAHAHA! How about hair bows? I'm cracking myself up!