Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paperwork? What Paperwork?

A blog reader asked what paperwork was required for our return trip. I actually did start working on that process this afternoon.

We have to fill out paperwork for Kyrgyzstan visas, Kazakhstan visas, I600 forms to give to the Embassy, collect copies of last three years tax returns, copies of our homestudy and employment letters and our original I171H. Additionally, since Kevin travelled on Trip 1 but not for Trip 2, we have to have three Power of Attorney forms filled out, notarized and authenticated (yay, I thought all that was done -- apparently not), copies of photos of him with Ellie and copies of his passport.

There are also several documents to be read about what the process is for trip two, fees, etc. so I've been trying to read up on those things as well.

I sort of feel like I'm gathering a dossier all over again.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

You are never done notarizing, certifying, and authenticating...EVER! Especially since we send post placement reports to Kyrg until they are THIRTEEN! But, I think after three years they can be less official reports.

Monica said...

Ohhhh... all THAT paperwork. It will be nice to have all that ready to go I bet! Thx for explaining.