Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Aidai

Today is sweet little Aidai's 4th birthday. Happy birthday, Aidai!! I know her parents, Elizabeth and Bill, wanted to be back to pick her up before her birthday so I'm sure this day will be hard, but we are so very close to our return. I'm sure we can celebrate while we are in country!!

So.... I hope you have a great day, Aidai, Elizabeth and Bill!! I can't wait until she is HOME forever. We are close now!!


At lunch today we were talking about it being Aidai's birthday and we thought we should be supportive of our travel mates and have cake in Aidai's honor (ok, yes, we wanted cake!!) so we decided to go to Walmart and get a cake and have a party for Aidai. Josh picked out a cheesecake and when we got home, we put candles in it, blew them out, made wishes that Aidai would be home very soon, said a prayer for her and all the other children in orphanages waiting for their families, and ATE CAKE!!!

Here's photos of the event along with a photo of the first time I saw Aidai with her mommy and daddy in Tokmok. Doesn't she look happy?


Elizabeth and Bill said...

Hi Guys
Bill here, thanks for your celebration! I means a lot =) We made a cake this morning and will be lighting candles as soon as dinner settles. Your thoughts, prayers and friendship continues to mean a lot! I'm so glad that we're all at the point of counting down days!

Be well

Mala said...

She is a sweetie! I first met her over a year ago and then again a year ago last week. She's so loveable. Hilary and I really worried about her finding a home. I can not believe that her forever home is right here in our neck of the woods. She will be so lucky to have Bill and Elizabeth as parents, and vice versa.