Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kyrgyzstan Links

I have found a couple of sites that are worthy of checking out if you are a family or individual who has an interest in Kyrgyzstan.

This blog is of an American girl currently living in Bishkek teaching at The London School. She has quite a few good links on her site. She also loves cats, so she must be great.

Jane's Daily Blah

This is a photo site by a person named Austin. I'm not certain that all the photos are from Kyrgyzstan, but I think they are. Regardless, the photos are fantastic. I think some of the photos are likely from Ellie's birth town as he indicated he has travelled there.

austincharron's photostream

This blog has FANTASTIC photos including some of football in Kyrgyzstan and Santa Claus. The fashion photos are pretty cool as well.

Just About Kyrgyzstan
Same author's Russian blog (can't read it but the photos are awesome)
Russian Version (be sure to click on Previous Posts and go backward through her site for some incredible photos)

This one is kind of a news blog for Kyrgyzstan:

More as I find them.

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Betsy said...

You're blog is like a google search for Kyrgyzstan!!!