Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Load Lifted

It's funny. I went to my friend, Mayme's, house today to look at some infant sized clothes that she had bought for her daughter, Emma, who is coming home from China in just a few weeks. She, like me, had been buying clothes in varying sizes for a LONG time. Because Emma is 18 months old, she had several outfits in the 6-9 month size range she wanted me to look through to see if I could use.

We got to talking and I found it so ironic that we both felt the same way recently, and I wanted to share to 1) see if others have experienced this, or 2) let those behind us in line in on this information.

We both agreed that when we found out (me) that we were through court, and (her) that her referral was approved that we both felt like a HUGE load had been lifted off our shoulders. It was a load that we never really knew we were carrying until it was gone. I just feel a peace about everything from here on out. It was a peace I didn't feel too often until I heard that court was through and we had travel dates. It's like coming home at the end of a long vacation -- you were happy to leave on the trip, but coming home is oh so very, very sweet and you realize there is no place you'd rather be. It's a place where you can "let your hair down", enjoy life and be yourself.

We had a GREAT visit. It is always refreshing to talk about adoption to people who are in the throes of it all and who get what it's like to be there. It's also fun to hear their stories about how God put them together as a family. Mayme and I have families that are very similar, I think, and we could have likely talked all day long if we'd not both been crazy busy.

And, for those who were waiting to see a few more photos of my consignment sale finds, here are a few more of my favorites.

LOVE LOVE this one. It's a Christmas-y type balloon outfit accented with gingham bows and a raindeer appliqued on the front. TOO CUTE.

Another cutie-pie Christmas dress (can you start wearing your Christmas frocks in October so she can get them all in before the season is over??).

This was the cute little Gymboree outfit that I got for $8.50. It's three pieces and cute cute. The photos aren't so great. I have several cameras and end up using the camera on my PHONE to take these.

This is the Strausberg outfit -- pink corduroy -- very soft and smocked - $8.

And I love how soft this little jacket is. It's supposed to be a "bunny jacket" because it has a hood with ears. Cute, but SO SOFT!!!

That's about it for the consignment sale. I bought a few more things, but we are leaving this topic behind now.


Lori said...

How cute are those outfits? You got some great deals and your pictures are fine! I think my favorite, though, is the most thoughtful and considerate little Elli-phant blanket you were given! You are right--the Kyrgyz adoptive community is absolutely priceless!! Ellie is going to need a full-time photographer.

Monica said...

LOVE the cute Xmas outfits! It's so WONDERFUL that she'll be home and somewhat settled with you by then.

And I can certainly imagine the PEACE you are feeling. It must be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

You just keep giving me reasons to wish Christmas would hurry and get here! OOOH! TOO CUTE!

Marcy said...

Those outfits are PRECIOUS!!! So adorable!!

I'm so glad you feel at peace and that a huge load has been lifted! I'm looking forward to that day!


Hilary Marquis said...

A daschund outfit!!! I wanted to buy that in the store sooo badly...but, I'm broke :) My dear Sally baby has that bunny coat and it is adorable on a red head...should be even more darling on a kyrgyz princess!