Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bows Galore

To fill my time (like I shouldn't be WORKING!!!), I decided to get out some of my bow making supplies and make some hair bows for Ellie-belly. I've been putting this off until we got the office/craft room done. It's not completely done, but I could easily get to the supplies and decided it was time. I have made several headbands with bows and just a few small hair bows. I have quite a few tiny bows made but can't seem to locate the 1 1/4" - 1 3/8" alligator clips to put them on. The 1 3/4" ones are too big. Anyway, when I can find those, I'll have a TON of little bitty bows.

I think Princesses should always wear a hair accessory. Hopefully, Ellie will share that same sentiment and not yank them immediately out of her hair.

In necessity to see what they would look like on, I coerced Josh into trying a few of the headbands on. PLEASE do not comment on this to him if you see him as he would be mortified to know I told someone. He was the only kid head around.

So, here are a few photos of the bows Miss Ellie will be sporting when she arrives home.

After school starts, I plan to paint one of her dressers in her room and finally finish the wall stenciling.

It's Wednesday morning in Kyrgyzstan. Two more days -- 48 hours. Praying for good news this time.


Pamela said...

I love that you are making Ellie those adorable little hair bows. Great inspiration for the rest of us!


Jackie S said...

Love them! I love bows on Noli and she just pulls them out. I keep trying, though :)

Hilary Marquis said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

If you put a bow in her hair at an early age (like when she finally comes home!) she will get used to having in it and not pull it out. Unless she would rather wear her tiara, and you're on your own there!