Friday, August 8, 2008

First Day of 5th Grade

Today was Josh's first day of middle school. It was a peculiar feeling taking him to another school and dropping him off with "the big kids". He was fine with it and didn't act nervous at all. It was, however, a half day, and his friends, Braiden and Kirstin were with us. Kirstin is a 7th grader, so she was there for "back-up" for both of them. It was nice that Josh had gone with us to parent's night so he knew his teacher and where his classroom was.

He reports that his new teacher is ok, the school is ok and his day was ok. I suspect that's "tween" talk for it was all fine.

Afterward he went to a friend's house for a pizza/pool party. He is home laying on the couch looking a bit like a lobster. I suspect that whole "sunscreen" idea blew past him. He is also tired from having gotten up so early. I have put aloe gel on him and a cool rag and he's resting.

My "little man" is growing up. I don't think I like it at all.

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Betsy said...

I am not sure boys ever outgrow the aversion to sunscreen. When Bryan went on a river tubing trip for a bachelor party recently I sent him with the spray on sunscreen. I knew none of those men would rub sunscreen on each other's backs! Sure enough, I was right - and they used up all the spray on sunscreen!! :)