Monday, August 4, 2008

Baseball End of the Year Party

Yesterday Joshua's baseball team had their end of the year party at The Martin's house. There was pizza, cookies, pie, drinks and, best of all, a pool. The kids had a great time. I missed about two hours of it because of the shower, but I went afterwards and got to enjoy the presentation of the awards. That's really my favorite part anyway. :-)

The team mom, Carla, was SO nice and gave me a present for taking photos all season. I got a cool baseball purse (for next season), a neck warmer (the kind you microwave and put around your neck) from Beauticontrol, some brown sugar scrub from Beauticontrol and a REALLY COOL framed photo of Josh. Of course, as much as I LOVE the photo, I'm sure it will be commandeered into Josh's room. *smile* Much like last year's football present was.

Sadly, I didn't take my camera so there are no photos, except the photo of the gifts I got.

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Lori said...

I love the fact that you got a present for taking the photos but then didn't have a camera at the end of the year party! That's the story of my life!!