Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 5 Month Birthday Princess Ellie

I thought I would be back to get her before she turned five months old. And then, I was certain it would happen before six months. It seems, however, that she will have turned six months old before I am allowed to go back for her.
In International Adoption circles, however, getting a baby home that is only six months old is the exception and is really extraordinary. For that blessing I am grateful. I just didn't want to miss any of the special times in her first months. We will make up for it, I'm sure.
We will be singing for her today and I've eaten enough Little Debbie cakes over the past few days to count as her birthday cake so she's covered there. (Remind me not to buy those again!!)
Happy 5 Month Birthday, Princess Ellie! We'll be there soon.

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Christina said...

Happy 5 month Birthday to Ellie. Maria, I totally understand how you feel. Little Man will be over 6 months before we bring him home also. I will say an extra special prayer for Miss Ellie for her birthday.