Monday, August 4, 2008

Where did my baby go??

Tonight was parent's back to school night . . . at middle school. Josh is entering the fifth grade, and where we live, that means middle school. How did this happen??? Was it not just yesterday that I took him in and dropped him off at Mrs. Wilson's kindergarten class and was worried about whether he would take a nap? And now, I'm worried about how long it will take for him to get moved from a "really cool" seat at the back of the room with his buddy Alec to the front right in front of the teacher? I'm wondering how long it will take before his heart is broken and when or if he will end up in the principal's office. I worry that he won't be able to open his locker and will be late. I'm worried he won't make good choices in friends, that he will struggle in his classes and that his teachers won't be "nice". (Ok, you teachers who are reading, know that I'm not knocking teachers, I like teachers, I'm just a mom here worried about her son.) I'm worried that the school is big and he'll get lost, that he won't understand how things work and will be too embarrassed to ask.

Middle school brings so much more responsibility and with ADHD, this is something we already struggle with on a regular basis. I really want him to do well -- to achieve at the level I know he is capable of. So many things are out of my control.

So, we open a new year with a new school, new teachers, new opportunities and new challenges, and all I'm wondering is, "Where did my baby go?"

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janiece said...

Oh time does go so quickly doesn't it? My memories are so clear--and yet, my baby isn't a baby anymore, she's starting first grade. My little buddha boy is long and lanky. And then there is Chewie--who is changing in front of my eyes. Time flies--at least for the kids. I'm still young--haven't aged a bit (wink wink)