Monday, August 18, 2008

"We Get Mail"

You know in magazines how they have a column where readers write in and tell them things? Well, I wanted to share this beautiful email I got today that really touched my heart. For privacy, I won't share who sent it to me, but they will know and will know how much this meant to me. One day I'll be able to share it with Ellie.

Oh, also, I want you to know, I had read that your court date was set for Aug. 8, I believe? Well, when we were on the beach, on the 8th, I explained that someone else I "knew" through the yahoo list, who was adopting from Kyrgyzstan, was having her court date that day, for a little baby girl named Ellie. I reminded the kids of how excited we were when we heard that our court date had happened and that we were approved, and that we should think good thoughts for you guys and baby Ellie. Well, my oldest daughter (11 years old and adopted from Russia in 1997), immediately said we should pray, right then and there on the beach, for God to guide the thoughts of the judge, and for him to approve you for baby Ellie. I agreed, and so we did. It just made me so proud of them. You know how you try and try to instill the right values in your children, and hope and pray that you are doing a good job as a mother? Then, when they do something like that, you just feel so good, that maybe you're doing something right, after all. Anyway, I wanted you to know that, even though things can seem very depressing and lonely with this adoption stuff, that there were 5 little kids praying for you on the beach, big time!

Can you imagine children being so sweet in spirit to stop their beach time and actually pray for someone they didn't know at all? Is that beautiful? I think it is. It gives me faith that all in the world is not bad -- the light of Jesus does still shine brightly in the next generation. Thank you for thinking for us and for praying for us.

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