Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Photos

I have been doing a poor job of adding my photos to my posts as of late, so I'm doing them all in a batch post so I can be caught up on those.
Emily and Braiden at the petting zoo on the day we went to the zoo

Kat and Charlie at the zoo with us
Funny sign I saw at a house I inspected this week

Shower gift from my friend Michelle.

Gifts from Ms. Kay (Josh's former Sunday school teacher) and Ms. Jill. They kindly gave us a gift card and these were my purchases with that.

Group gift from my friends who had the shower for me at church. I JUST hooked up the monitor and it will hear you drop a hair on carpet it's so good!!

These goodies were from our friend, Tracey. She gave us a gift card and these goodies were the result of that. She also gave us a cuddly baby toy and a photo album as well.

Gifts from my friend (and soon-to-be traveling partner) Jennifer. Check out the feet on the giraffe outfit -- they are little giraffe heads. Jennifer was also concerned that The Princess did not have socks. She is now covered along with some sleeping gowns.

This was also from Jennifer. The blanket is so incredibly soft. You can't tell from the photo but the outfit says "Little Princess" and has a picture of a frog with a wand.

So, now I'm caught up -- for now -- with the photos I have.

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