Sunday, August 10, 2008

Consignment Goodies

I know you guys are just waiting with baited breath to see the cool things I got at the Encores and More North consignment sale this weekend. Well, I finally managed to get some photos of the things today, but most of them are still on my phone. Yes, I do have multiple phones, but I couldn't find a memory card, or batteries or the right lens for anything. It was crazy so I just used my phone.

I got lots of fall and winter clothes that were so cute and so inexpensive. One of my favs was a Strasburg pale pink corduroy bubble outfit with smocking on it -- $8. I got another Gymboree outfit (the polka dot dog one -- can't remember the name of that line) with a long sleeve onesie, a pair of pink overalls and a matching jacket - $8. I was very excited to get the Volume 2 Set of Baby Einstein videos (6 of them - unopened, mind you) for $20. I got a bag of small baby toys for $7. I could have done more shopping but MY GOODNESS there wasn't room to move. I was having either hot flashes or it was incredibly hot in there because sweat was rolling off me. When I arrived, I stood in a loooonnnnnggggg line to get in, shopped for a little over an hour and then spent almost another hour in line to check out. It was all worth it though for the cute stuff I got. I did see several bags of bottles there, but my hands were full, so I might go back this week and check out more stuff. There was so much I didn't get to look at because it was literally too full to get to. Ironically, A. from Holding on for the Ride was there and we didn't even see each other.

So... here are a few photos. Of course, these are not my favorites. Apparently, I haven't sent those on from my phone to the computer yet. Nonetheless ...

Christmas outfit with hat and booties. Our little Santa baby.

Hoot owl PJs

Cutie little "mod" dress that I would have likely not found anywhere else. The Princess will be styling in this one. Reminds me a lot of the play dresses from Hanna Anderson.

Baby's First Thanksgiving Outfit. CUTE as a bug. Found a baby's first Thanksgiving bib to go along with it. Bib - $.50

I love plaid. The little Scottie on this is an added bonus. Black patent leather shoes - here we come. Oh wait, I have some!!

I think I covered the "dressy" stuff for winter. We'll still need sleepers and such, but that's pretty easy, I think.

Tomorrow is the first full day of middle school. We've gotten school supplies packed up, checked off and ready to go. Fingers are crossed and prayers are being said that it's a good first day.


Betsy said...

Sooo cute! How can I find a baby clothes heaven like this in Texas????

Lori said...

I'm with Bestsy--where's the sister store in Maryland? Or even nearby? For deals like those, I'd drive some!!!! I love the Santa Baby outfit...she will melt hearts!


Anonymous said...

I will check back for more cute outfits! WOW! How sweet! I just hope I make some money!