Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 - No Updates

My friend who is travelling was unable to go in Ellie's room to check on her when she picked up her daughter. I am sad, but fully understand as it seems that things are becoming more confidential at the orphanage and in the country all the time. It has been the same with our requests for updated measurements. I know, if there had been any way possible, she would have checked on her. So... the Princess just needs to hang on six more days (144 hours) and I will be there myself to get her and bring her home. So many emotions rolling around in me right now -- so close and yet still so very far. My tummy is quite upset this evening and I'm certain it's nerves. Were it not for friends in the same place I am that I can call up any hour and talk to (you know who you are), I'd really be in a state.

All day tomorrow, all day Thursday and part of the day on Friday and I get on the plane headed toward her -- at least I will feel like I'm making movement. I feel an anxiousness now to get to her.

With all that though, I am still sad to leave my guys behind. I will miss them and the time I would have with them so very much. It's a hard place to be -- torn between the two. Of course, we all know that my job right now is to go, get and return. The Princess needs her mom.


April Taylor said...

I find very deeeeeep breathing and quite a lot of Rescue Remedy helps a lot.

You are in the final stretch (at last!!!!!) and will have your sweet baby girl in your arms FOREVER in less than week. Amazing.

Safe travels dear friend, and if you don't mind carrying over some of my love for the babies left behind, I would appreciate it. I think of them and their birth families and the waiting adoptive families every single day. I wish they were all home in loving arms.


Jes said...

Oh man...2 days!!!! You're in the homestretch. Next week this time I hope to be reading all about her :)


Lori said...

Unbelievable that it's almost here...sending lots of prayers for peace and calm nerves in these next hours...WOW...2 days...