Monday, October 6, 2008

3 Days - Regular Life

I was SO tired when I posted that I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to add words to the "3" post so now I'm doing an update.
Three days. Now that I'm getting closer I'm stretching it to include the most of Friday that I'll be home because I need the extra time. *smile*
I've gotten a lot of my work entered and still need to go in the field for a day, day and a half more. As much as I thought I wouldn't have to take work with me, I just might have to.
How is it that I've had this long to "get it all done" and still don't have it all done? Typical. My friend Amanda is taking care of the rug issue for me. She has a rug that her dear daughter E. isn't using anymore that she is going to bring to us. YAY!!! I'm on a mission the rest of this week to get over to Home Goods for a trashcan.
I spoke with A. last night, who has her little one by now. I was so excited to just talk to someone who is that close to Ellie. I know that by now she has seen her, maybe gotten new photos of her and can tell me how she is doing. I'm very excited about that and for her. One week from today, I will have Ellie in my arms. So very close now.
So, I'm off to lead my regular life for today. Kevin had to leave really early, so I'm off to get up Josh, get him ready for school, take him and Braiden and Kiristin to school, come home, clean up and determine where I need to go and work today. This evening we have a basketball scrimmage and open house at school. It will be a full evening followed by a late night of more paperwork.
I am a blessed woman. Thank you, God.


Julie said...

Just a picture???

Margaret and Tom said...

so close Maria, remember there is never enough time to get it ALL done, but what is needed to get done will...sounds like you have a full plate for sure, Your post title is funny because in a few days nothing will be "regular" again :)Oh I hope you get those pics from Allison soon :)

LaLa said...

Try to get some sleep...stuff will get done : ) Can't wait to follow along !

Corinne said...

Wishing you a safe and blessed journey to pick up your sweet princess.You are sooo close.