Monday, October 6, 2008

Four -- I had to count twice

I was so surprised that it was time for the "four" post that I had to count (yes, even on my fingers!!) to make sure that it was right. I went back a few days to see if I'd skipped a number. That's how fast the days are rolling past. GRANTED, we don't leave until evening on Friday, so I'll have most of the day for very last minute things.

I just want to comment again on how blessed I've been through this Kyrgyzstan adoption community and all the friends I've made. There are so many that I can call up, talk to and share the excitement of this event. There are even more of you that I email regularly like you are a relative or something. We know each other's names, hubby's names, kid's names, what's going on in our lives and so much about each other's lives -- and many of us have never even met. I just got off the phone with another mom-to-be who was such a blessing to me and who prayed for me on the phone and who just "got" what adoption is like and it was so refreshing. She and I share a commonality that goes beyond state's borders and long distance. We share the love of two babies in another country in adjoining cribs in an orphanage. We wondered aloud if maybe, just maybe, they've become friends and will miss one another. Yet another thing I've not considered -- Ellie will miss all her crib mates that she's been with for the first months of her life.

And yet another family that I email regularly is in country now for a pick up trip. They are having a few difficulties (including my greatest fear -- lost luggage) and I am in prayer for them and that things will work out smoothly. I know exactly the fear both the one in country has as well as the one at home with the other children -- it will be us in a few days.

But, through it all, I have made friends that will last a lifetime -- connections for Ellie to the children she started her life with; children who look like her, share her heritage and her beginnings. What a blessing. Thank you to each of you who are adopting and have shared this journey with me, with our family. Thank you for being willing to share your lives, your stories, your faith and your trials with us. Know that you are important to me, to our family, to Ellie. Whether you are through the process and have your child home, are waiting for the next step in the process or have just started, you are part of our experience and we are grateful for all you have added to our story.
And, I would be remiss to not mention the fact that all the "at-home" friends are just as important in the day-to-day support they continue to provide to us along this journey. It has been a long one -- 38 months from the time we decided we wanted to adopt until now. As I told my sister, I could have had four biological children in that amount of time. She quickly pointed out I would have been crazy by now. What are sisters for, huh??
Today, I hung the sheers under Ellie's valance. I need to get some type of tie-back for them and I can mark the window treatments off the list. I now need a trash can. I don't think she'll care one way or another if she has one or not. Little things. Kevin was kind to point out tonight that Ellie's room is looking nice. I promise to post photos of her room before I leave.


Christina said...

I so hope that our little ones get to meet one day soon as we live not far from each other. That would be so exciting for little man to have a fellow Kyrgyzstan friend to "bond" with. So excited that you are traveling soon. Will be praying for you in your travels.

LaLa said...

Girl I can't wait to have her at a playdate soon!!! So excited for you : )

Melissa said...

It's getting so close! Can't wait to read about your trip.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can't believe it's so close! I love the #5 too! I'm praying for you!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Wow, 4 did come quickly!

Shannon said...

WOW - that's all I can say! I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait for the reunion story!

Ann said...

Have not posted but have no fear still stalking for your count down news!! I can't believe you be laving soon. I can not wait to hear, and se more about Ellie and your travels.


Gen 's Family Story said...

love the new look of your blog by the way...i'm still trying to find the time to do mine.
I can't believe you are almost there!!! We will be praying for you and stalking your blog to support you!