Thursday, October 2, 2008

Presents - Part II

I love presents. I like giving them; I like getting them. So, here are the most recent presents from HRH Princess Ellie . . .

A gift from fellow Tokmok baby, Addison (and of course, her parents!!). I can't wait to read this to Ellie.

Ellie has quite the collection of "Ellie-phants" now. This one, named Ernie, plays "I'm a Little Teapot". Terribly cute!! It was a gift from our friend, soon-to-be mom (of a boy, right??), Amanda.

Last night I got to spend about a half hour with my new, dear friend, Kat. We got to share drinks at Starbucks and she brought me so many goodies for my upcoming trip (travel wallet, thermos, hip hammock, converter) as well as this sweet little baby for Ellie. The irony of this is that this baby looks exactly (I'm very serious, here) like her daughter. I know Ellie will love this baby. It's just her size.

And while this isn't a present, per se, it is a diaper bag I got from my friend Terri, who makes them. She has however, sent the most incredible lot of goodies while we waited for Ellie that her beautiful handiwork deserves to be shared here.

Thank you to each of you who continue to share our joy and our journey. Blessings!!


Pamela said...

What adorable little gifts! That diaper bag is so unique...that's a keeper!

Love the updates, Maria!

Oh, and thanks for the hooray on my blog! ;-)

Christina said...

Oh, what an adorable diaper bag!! Miss Ellie is going to be such a princess when she gets home with all of those precious gifts.