Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Productive Day

Well, although my day did not go AT ALL how I planned it, it went well. I created a route to go and do field work. At the first house, the bottom fell out and it was forecasted to rain all day so I gave up and went back home. I decided to tackle some of my errands that I still needed to do so I managed to accomplish the following:

  1. Trip to bank to get funds in order for trip.
  2. Trip to Wal-mart to get contacts. I also picked up some fingernail polish for Aidai. We are going to have a girl party while we are there, complete with mani/pedis, movies and chocolate! I also picked up a camera to drop off for another AP while I'm there.
  3. Trip to Home Goods to get a trashcan for Ellie's room.
  4. Trip to TJ Maxx to return some items
  5. Back home; pick up kids; drop off kids;
  6. Wash and fold all laundry except one last load (which will be done before the night is over)
  7. Hang up clothes in Josh's room
  8. Vaccuum downstairs, clean up clutter (that was a BIG one), vaccuum steps
  9. Begin to start entering the last of my field work.

The field work entry will take me a while. I'm hopeful I can finish it all tomorrow and that will give me Thursday in the field to finish up whatever I might have due before I return.

I was excited to read that Allison picked up her sweet baby today. I am hopeful she is feeling better.

I wore my Ellie "button" today so that I could talk about her wherever I went. People would obviously see this (huge) button and ask about the baby or make a comment about her and I could tell them that I am leaving in a few days to go pick her up. It's a great adoption conversation starter and I got to talk to the nicest people today.

Jennifer has checked the weather forecast for our time there and it appears it might be going to rain on Gotcha Day. Interestingly enough, it rained on our wedding, it rained at Joshua's birth and it would seem just inappropriate if it didn't rain on Gotcha' Day. However, I'm looking at this with a different set of eyes. On my wedding day, I made a comment about how awful it was that it was raining that day. I had a co-worker/friend who is Iranian and she told me in their culture, it was considered a blessing to rain because it meant that your life would be "showered" with blessings. And such has been the case. So, if it rains, I will put up an umbrella and consider myself showered with blessings directly from God!!

Jennifer and I have also noted that it's getting much colder there. Sunday and Monday night (when we arrive), the lows are 33*. I didn't pack a hat, gloves or scarf, but now, I'm thinking I should. I also didn't pack Ellie's coverall/coat thing, and I'm thinking I might should. I'll continue to monitor the weather over the next two days to see what I should do. I really HATE the thoughts of having to unpack and repack, but it's better than being cold.

Josh still has a basketball scrimmage at 8:00 tonight so it will be a late night.

All day long I've been thinking about Ellie -- wondering what she looks like, how she is, what her temperament is like, how she will adjust. I'm just SO EXCITED!!! I'd be even more excited if I didn't have to take those long flights there. I don't mind flying, but I remember how LONG it was last time. Oh well... as Elizabeth says, "It's a means to an end."


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I would pack her coverall thing even if you think it's too warm for that. They are all about layering these kids up to the point that they are miserably hot. Our travelling partners were scolded by locals for not having enough layers on their little one. Poor AP was soaking wet under all the layers they put on her. And they think you should always have a hat on them, so make sure you remember little hats for her.

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh how fun, girls night! Too bad there won't be cheesecake ;) The plane rides do stink, but I'll be it will go faster this time.