Monday, October 27, 2008

Food, food - everywhere there's food!!

I like food. I am particularly fond of food when I return from a country where the food is different. Imagine the nirvana I'm experiencing now that food has been rolling in the door from well-wishers wanting to help out since Ellie's arrival.

Of course, you've read of my mother-in-law's spread on Friday night. Then on Saturday, Iris brought over chili, crackers, sodas and brownies. This was followed on Sunday by Lisa and Makayla who brought a chicken pot pie casserole, pumpkin bread and a caramel apple pie. Sunday also brought by our friend Dawn who brought BBQ, mac n' cheese, green beans, chips and a caramel pie (just like O'Charleys!!). Our friends Stephanie and Madison stopped by with chocolate chip cookies for Josh and a breakfast loaf of pumpkin bread.

We are simply in heaven with all the good food to pick from at each meal!! We are so incredibly appreciative of all our friends and family who are taking such good care of us. It's a good thing too because I'm simply too tired to cook good food right now -- assuming there were groceries in the house, which I'm still not certain because I've not had to look for food to cook yet!!

I'm off to eat dinner!!

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Tamara said...

Just wanted to say how happy that you all have safely made it home and baby Ellie has been reunited with her daddy and brother, and that you, of course, are eating some good food again =) My husband is going to have a hard time with that one too. =0)
Ellie is so beautiful and so tiny. I am so excited that you can begin making memories together as a family of 4. As soon as you both get some good sleep, of course!!
I really hope that you continue to update your blog now that Ellie is home. It has really been a blessing to be able to follow your journey and I woud love to see baby Ellie as she transitions to her new surroundings and see those cheeks get chunkier =)