Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Homecoming Photos

I just got the photos from my mom and her friend Betty that they took at the airport Friday night and thought I would share. They both have laughed that they showed up with these super duper cameras, both are professional photographers and got blurry photos. The reason? They were both crying!! Isn't that the sweetest thing? I don't care if they are blurry or not, they capture the essence of the joy we were all experiencing on Friday night.
A funny story is that when one of our pieces of luggage didn't make it back, the claims lady was the same lady who checked us in two Fridays back and she remembered us and was so glad to get to meet Ellie!!
Sorry these aren't in a regular order -- I'm too busy to put them in the right order. *smile*
My friend Dianne and her son, Clay, waiting with video camera in hand.

My friend Susan and her daughter Katie waiting for us to arrive. Katie was a faithful prayer warrior while we waited for Ellie. She also made us an Easy Bake oven cake and a sign to welcome Ellie home.

Andrea and AP welcomed us home at the airport as well. AP was adopted from Tokmok as well and I continue to marvel at how much alike she and Ellie look -- especially pictures from back when AP was a baby. My mom said that it was like she and Ellie had a bond that she could see. AP was so interested in Ellie and mom said Ellie was very interested in AP. I can't wait until we can all get together again and let the girls play!

Betty and Jonquil -- long time friends of our family. Betty is my mom's best friend and also a photographer who contributed many of the photos seen here!! Jonquil is Betty's daughter and was staunch in her resolve not to see photos of Ellie until she met her when she came home! I'm so glad they were there. Jonquil was there at the birth of Josh as well!

Josh and Kevin waiting for our arrival

My mom welcoming (and I'm sure thanking) Jennifer

Jennifer reuniting with her family
Logan, Jason and Reed along with Kevin and Josh -- waiting for us to get home

Makayla, Amanda, Michelle, Lisa and Maggie with the sign that Maggie's Life Skills class made and that all of Joshua's classmates signed. I can't wait to get back to volunteering in Josh's class. I love his class and his teachers!! And "Ms. Maggie" is a phenomenal friend who has prayed for me through this entire process. She has been such an incredible friend!! Thank you, Maggie!! The other girls in this photo are my friends from church who have been so supportive of me during all of this. Michelle is Caleb's mom. You'll remember that Caleb is my "practice baby" while I was waiting for Ellie. Amanda is expecting her daughter, Elaina soon -- she and Ellie will be the two "El's" at church together! And Makayla and Lisa have been SO WONDERFUL praying for us and supporting us in all our fundraisers and helping in any way they can. We are so blessed by each of these women.

Meeting DeeDee

Meeting MeeMee

Meeting Nana

Bless my mom's heart, she was crying when I came down the escalator -- just like she did when Josh was born. I think she was just as happy to see me as she was to see Ellie judging from the way she hugged me. They also had roses to give me and gave Jennifer some too. Kevin has put them all in water for me and I'm enjoying all of them!!

We are all glad to be home!!


Lori said...

The pictures...oh, the pictures! They are priceless! I love the look on Ellie's face meeting DeeDee...she looks interested, but just a little cautious. I'll bet that goes away really fast when she learns that grandparents SO ROCK!!

janiece said...

Welcome home Ellie!!! We've been eagerly watching your journey home. What a wonderful future you have to look forward to. Love all the pictures!

Ivy Lee said...

Welcome home Ellie!!! She looks wonderful. I am so happy to see her home with all of you.

Love, hugs, tears of joy,

Rachel said...

I think the pics are fabulous! Maria, she is truly beautiful. She's home and now you have a whole new adventure. So happy for you!

Corinne said...

Thank you for sharing your big adventure with us all.It is so helpful to learn things we might need to expect.Ellie is just soo precious!Hope you and Ellie can both get into a normal sleep pattern soon.What a lucky little girl Ellie is to be home to her family who loves her so much! Keep the pictures coming.

Julie W said...

YAY!!! Glad you are finally home!!! Now let the sleeping begin!

Kelli said...

Welcome home Ellie! I am crying just looking at the pictures. I am sure it was a very happy, emotional time!