Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Days Left - Leaving in Less than 24 hours

Per April Taylor's advice, I'm going to stop torturing her and just get on the plane already. *smile* Tomorrow.

Tonight as I sit here in the midst of a house flat torn up, it is familiar, quiet and comforting. Duke, the cat, is sitting beside me alternately "talking" and purring. I'm certain he wants petting. Another cat is sleeping on the back of the couch. I hear the gentle sounds of snoring coming from upstairs where Kevin, who still isn't feeling so well and is now limping from his sore ankle, is sleeping. He is so tired. Josh has his head covered up with his favorite blanket and his fan is whirring away. He is such a hot natured kid that the fan is required year round. This is how he sleeps . . .
There are three packed bags sitting upstairs in the hallway, awaiting transfer to the car.

And I? Well, I need to be doing so many more things than blogging, but it's the last quiet, peaceful moments before a new life starts. Getting on the plane tomorrow evening at 6:00 will be the beginning of huge changes in our lives -- much like walking through the doors of the hospital were back in November 1997 when I had Joshua. I remember I was scared then too. But, not as much because I just didn't know that I should be scared. I've changed, grown and learned so much in those ten (almost eleven) years that now I know what's out in the world. But, regardless of what's around the corner, we are ready to take it on as a family.

We had our last trip to Matzatlan tonight -- the local Mexican restaurant we love so much. I suspect in, oh, about four or five days I'll be wishing I were there again. *smile*

We've decided Josh will "skip" school tomorrow to spend the day with me. I will miss him something terribly and so this last day together is important for both of us, I think. His fall break starts next week so it will be nice for him to have some time off while I'm away.

I remember, growing up as an adopted child, hearing the song, "Somewhere Out There" where the lyrics are: Somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moonlight, someone's thinking of me, and loving me tonight. I remember wondering if my birth family ever thought of me. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and I wonder if my little one knows that I am thinking of her and loving her tonight. Full circle, life is.

I promised you all photos of Ellie's room. Truth is, it's not finished. However, I am going to post photos of what is done in a little bit. I still need to go up and take the photos and upload them. I also want to post a photo of Ellie's "Gotcha Day" outfit. My mom had her the most adorable crocheted dress, hat and booties made, but we decided to hold off on it until her dedication at church. So, instead, I had found a cute little horsey dress and sweater and since the Kyrgyz people love their horses, this seemed really right. I also got her a cute little pair of pink cowgirl boots. I'm certain the orphanage folks will have a field day with those. *smile* I know that she will be beautiful!!

For those of you who have asked what to pray about for us, I have a little list of things that we would appreciate you to pray about over the next two weeks:

  • Safety in travel for Jennifer and I

  • Health of Jennifer and I

  • Ellie's health upon arrival and during our time in country

  • Ellie's acceptance and ease of transition to her new family and situations

  • Kevin and Josh's time together

  • Jennifer's family while she is away

  • Smooth adoption proceedings
Thank each of you who continue to offer kind words of support. I have no "0" photo to share with you all -- I'm taking April's advice and getting on with it.


Betsy said...

Dear friend, I am so happy for you! After the long and bumpy road to Ellie, we will be praising God for His providence, His plan and for growing your family in such a special way. We will be thinking of you as you begin this last leg of the journey!

LaLa said...

One more sleep...I am so excited for you and pray for all of you. I will be following along...let us know if you want a welcome at the airport : ) If you do email or post to the FCA group and if not we totally understand and will wait and meet her soon . Safe travels!

Jeanne said...

Can't wait to see Ellie in her cowgirl outfit! Bon voyage!

J & H said...

This is it, Maria! I am praying, and soooooo excited for you--Go get that precious baby girl...and kiss her little friend for me.
Great big Hugs...

Anita said...

Oh Maria, I wish I was there to send you off....I'm so very sad that I'm not (tears even). But I'll be watching from here and waiting for each post and as you return with your daughter! Know I'm praying and asking for God's protection as well as His presence as He places your daughter in your arms forever! Love you girlfriend!! ~Anita

Jackie S said...

You are already gone, but I wanted to post anyway. I know all will go well and so many cannot wait until you are home with the Princess.

Be safe, be well, and I can't wait to see pics of your gotcha day.