Friday, October 3, 2008

One Week!! Whoo Hoo

Can everyone say, "Whoo hoo""? We are celebrating that it is one week from today before I leave to go pick up Ms. Ellie. Today, my dear friend, A. leave to go pick up her sweet baby. I will be thinking of her all week long. I know she is very excited to finally be going back.

And, I will begin the last seven days of our wait back to the Princess. There's a lot to finish this week. Stick with us as we begin the last week's countdown!
I went to the doctor yesterday as my chest feels really tight and I've had a cough and congestion. Not wanting to be sick, I thought it best to get on this right away. I'm now on prednisone. Does anyone see the irony of taking a pill that, when I'm finished with it (the day we leave), I will be so hungry I'll want to eat the wallpaper off the walls and I'm going to a country where there aren't as many choices of familiar items to eat? Ha! Jokes on me. *smile*
I spoke with Ellie's pediatrician today and he called in two prescriptions for her for us to take on the trip -- just in case. He was able to tell me how much she should be eating, what to do in case we had problems, when to take the medicines and what we likely saw on Ellie while we were there that threw us into the tizzy -- impetigo. Well, there you go. So, he indicated if she still has it to put gauze over it until we can get home to treat it. I hope she doesn't still have it -- for her sake.
So, there's a couple more things out of the way. Jennifer and I are going to pack our clothes this weekend so we'll know where we stand luggage wise. There still seems to be a LOT of things to take and NOT a lot of room to take it. Of course, I am taking quite a bit for the orphanage, gifts as requested, and things for some other APs, so I think I'll likely pack those things in a separate suitcase.
"It's all good." "It's all going to be fine." "It will all work out." I say those three phrases over and over every day -- the power of positive thinking. I'm also positive that I'm going to be seeing Ed McMahan on my doorsteps with a clearinghouse check soon as well. *big smile*.
So much closer . . .


Mala said...

I'll give ya a big 'woo-hoo!!!'

Get better quickly. I can't imagine feeling under the weather on that looong flight(s)!

Oh, and if Ed McMahon shows up on your doorstep nowadays, chances are he's looking for a place to live!

Lori said...

Here's my WOOHOO for you!!! A week....WOW! Can't wait!

Hope you feel better--I love Prednisone--though I have a feeling that's why I am so short!

(Gotta blame it on something!)

Khakismum said...

Major get better quick vibes!!! Coming your way....better to be sick *now* than next week.

I can't believe it is here, time for you to go! This week will fly by with you getting all your last minute stuff together. I'm so excited for you. I'll be checking your blog several times a day looking for pictures and updates from the trip!

I cannot wait to hear/read. "*We* are home, the Princes and me." :`-)

Jes said...

Oh man...7 days! I love the suspense and I cannot wait to here about her homecoming!!!


Monica said...

You are SO close! This week is going to fly by and then suddenly you will be THERE again with Ellie! Wow!!! Sending you serious GOOD WISHES for easy travel there and back with your Princess!

Jeanne said...

How marvelous to be at this point! I'm sure these next few weeks will be like a dream.

Hilary Marquis said...

WOO HOO!!! This week is gonna fly ;) Happy packing!

Jacob's Dogs said...

We've just started the journey to adopt from Kyrgyzstan after adopting from China in 2007. Thanks for sharing your experience and CONGRATS!! Your little girl is absolutely beautiful, and I pray you'll have a healthy and happy journey!
Elizabeth W.

Jackie S said...

Unbelievable that you are down to 7 days. Yayyy :)