Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Medical Exam

Today we had Ellie’s medical “exam”. We went to the SOS International Clinic where they checked her weight (with a onesie, diaper, tights and socks, she weighed 12.4 pounds), height (60 cms) and then listened to her heart, looked in her nose, looked in her ears, looked in her throat, listened to her lungs and checked her fontanel. That was it. And then the drama about the price of the exam ensued. We were told by our coordinator it would be $13-$15. We questioned this because we’d also been told by our agency $150 and by our other coordinator $85. When our translator questioned him, he assured us it was American and that the price had changed. Since he had just been there the week before, we just assumed that the price had changed. SURPRISE! The rate was 13559 TENGE, not dollars. With the current exchange rate of 119 to 1 tenge to dollars, the exam was $113.95. When I tried to pay with American cash, the receptionist said we could only pay with tenge or credit card – neither of which we had because no one said that we could not pay with dollars. Our coordinator said, “I told you credit card was better” which he did not. Jennifer came to the rescue and paid with her credit card as I had only brought cash since I didn’t think I would need anything else. *sigh*

We returned to the hotel to change clothes and to walk with Elizabeth, Ellen and Aidai to find the store to get water for bottles and some sodas. The store was not very far and we got a few things and returned to the hotel where we have stayed the rest of the day – listening to the sawing and hammering above our room. We are about batty from the noise of it all.

Ellie has been VERY active today. She has climbed my front like a mountain over and over today. She’s kicking and jumping and just generally enjoying herself a lot. She has transitioned from liking to be carried and rocked to go to sleep to wanting me to lay beside her so she can hang onto my hand or arm or shirt or hair while she sucks her pacifier to go to sleep. She’s not slept well today due to both moving/new environment and the NOISE (did I mention the noise??). I’m hopeful they will quit soon and she’ll sleep well tonight. She slept well last night getting up twice for a bottle. We were down at 10:00 p.m. and up at 4:00.

We are certainly ready to go home!! Two more days here (Wed/Thur) and we leave early Friday morning (Thursday evening at home).

Today is my daddy’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish I were there to celebrate with you. I’ll be home FRIDAY!

My ankle is still swollen and sore from yesterday’s fiasco. I told Jennifer yesterday that someone slacked up on their border crossing prayers. Then we realized everyone was asleep when we were crossing. *smile*


Hilary Marquis said...

Ah yes...the things they forget to mention...*smirk* Construction, huh? That's just perfect for babies and toddlers! What a wonderful B-day present you'll be bringing home for your dad, I'm sure he won't mind waiting a couple extra days. What happened to your ankle?!

Margaret and Tom said...

OH sounds familiar...we didn't like that hotel kaz much either...it is a good thing it is not very long...I love the part where you write about Ellie wanting to touch your arm while she is sleeping...so sweet :)