Thursday, October 9, 2008

These Boots are Made for Walking

The Princess' first boots - size 1 in ultra suede with velcro sides. Every six month old girl should have a pair of pink boots, don't you think?

Gotcha Day Outfit (unless I change my mind -- again). Note that I am NOT very fond of the hat, but I am respectful of the fact that they would like her head to have a hat on it and this one is the coordinating piece for this outfit, so . . . She will ALSO be covered up in a winter coat before leaving the orphanage.

This is a really cool find from Home Goods. It is a sign with three pegs to hang things on. I'm still trying to decide where to put it. Her room, truly, is still very much a work in process because I'm just not finished with it. I think I need to know her to make it truly hers. Does that make sense?

This is an "Ellie-phant" purse from our friend Maggie who has been so very supportive of me in particular during this adoption. I cannot WAIT to see Ellie carrying it around!!

Also, thank you to my sister who just sent a LOAD of clothes for Ellie. I don't have a photo of them yet, but will soon.


Betsy said...

Those boots are a riot!!! I am sure they will be a big hit at the orphanage. The outfit is adorable too. I can't wait to see your Gotcha Day pics!

Monica said...

Oh I love the OUTFIT with the ponies! And her room looks GREAT too! Thx for sharing those pics! I have been waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for the room pics ever since you posted some early ones long ago. I'm going to have to look back and see if I asked you then what color the PAINT is? Do you know the brand and paint name? I'm going to start painting as soon as we get a referral OR the week after Christmas... whichever comes first.

Again I must say BEST WISHES to you on this final leg of your journey to Ellie! AMAZING that you are at this point today.

Christina said...

Love the outfit. Keeping you in my prayers as you travel!

Jacob's Dogs said...

A girl's gotta have shoes! What wonderful things you have for your little girl, but none better than this wonderful blog of your love for her. Thanks again for sharing, we're just starting this Kyrgyz journey, and are looking foward to hearing about your trip! Elizabeth W.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! Her room is beautiful but knowing you will probably always be a work in progress!