Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Beta and Tsum to get souvenirs. I wanted to have something to give Ellie each year on her Gotcha Day. I suspect as she gets old I'll have to add some things to this collection, but this will get me through many of the first years.

THANK YOU to Jennifer for displaying and photographing all of the pretties (twice -- don't ask).

A book called Glimpses of Village Life in Kyrgyzstan, three handpainted greeting cards of Kyrgyz children and a CD of Kyrgyz Folk Music.
Kyrgyz felt doll, "Dumbo" elephant ornament, felt change purse and stacking dolls.

A pair of bunny slippers and sandals, made of felt. The store where we bought these had the cutest little girl there. She was wearing a pair of the slippers and I fell in LOVE with them (and her!!)

A felt flower necklace and ring (the ring is in the middle of the picture), a leather bracelet and a felt headband

This is a musical instrument in the shape of a yurt. You blow into it, put your fingers over the holes and it makes the most beautiful music.

Kyrgyz "Barbie" doll with musical instrument.

A small felt purse with a goat stitched on it. A bunny rabbit ornament and a freaky weird looking Curious*George type felt ornament. I fell in love with the monkey ornament.

Happy/Sad doll. She has a face on both sides and you can flip her to however you are feeling. Interesting.

Jennifer also put together my thank you cards to the caregivers and orphanage staff. I wanted them to have photos of Ellie so I printed photos, bought photo cards and then used an online translation service to translate the message I wanted to tell them to Russian. We have inserted our "gift (a small donation)" to them and they are ready.


Karen D said...

HI Maria,
I'm loving following along on your journey! I can't wait to see all the pictures of little Ellie - blowing bubbles even!! Enjoy all your experiences for me too - I wish I could be there again.
Love and hugs to you and your family!
Karen D

Lori said...

Oh, Maria...I get my ab work out here laughing at your posts! I am so excited for you and even with lost luggage, your spirit and attitude are contagious!!! I just know that Ellie's coat WILL be there, and she will love all those gifts for a lifetime!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Looks like you found some great little gifts for Ellie. I wish we had bought more when we were there. Tomorrow's the big day!!!!! I'm praying for you here in TN!

Jeanne said...

So glad you have free time to entertain us with your stories. Feel like I'm there with you! Darling gifts for Ellie; she'll treasure them.

Margaret and Tom said...

I love your photo cards, we did put photos in our thankyous, but that is a great idea!
I love the musical yurt, I did not see anything like that when we were there :)
LOve the slipper shoes!!! I think I have an addiction...I want more just looking at yours!