Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teething & Sleeping

Jennifer and I have gone on sleep rotation as The Princess has already become a wee bit spoiled and will only sleep while being held. Hmmmm.... She seems to be having a really hard time with her teething as well. We've deemed Jen as "Nurse Jennifer" and have begun to record all meds and bottles as our minds are so fried we can't remember. We are trying to figure how a 12 pound, 6 month old can run two 40-year-olds in the ground!

We ventured out yesterday while she was sleeping and went to the Beta and ate at Cyclone for lunch. It became dinner as well since we never got "real" dinner. I had my official meltdown yesterday, ending in sobbing in the bathroom. I was so tired, sleep deprived and hungry and little Miss seemed to scream and cry constantly. Finally poor Jennifer and Kevin were able to reassure me that I can do this and that it's just as hard for her as for me.

On a positive note, she really seems to like snuggling more and is sleeping longer time periods. Since her days and nights seem mixed up, maybe that will be a plus at home.
I'd love to post more, but she is asleep on my chest and I might nap too. We head to the embassy to sign papers this afternoon.

I'll leave you with a picture or two. I think she might be the most beautiful baby in the world!

This will not rotate -- sorry!


Jeanne said...

Sorry for your exhaustion, but it sounds like things are going well. Ellie is a real darling, and in some ways looks like you and Josh to me!

Mala said...

She's beautilful! You both get some sleep whenever and whereever possible.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Oh, Maria, sorry you are so tired! I wish I was there to let you guys nap :) It's awesome that she is letting you hold her while she sleeps. That is huge, you know. Our pumpkin wouldn't relax and fall asleep in our arms for quite a while. We're praying for you.

Terri said... heart just aches for your exhaustion. Just know I've BTDT..and I can truly empathize with you. I pray for strength and stamina for you to get through this time. Try to relax and use your instincts over logic...let Jennifer be the logic cause you do need a little... :) It may be a teething issue..but most likely it is just her getting used to her new environment and faces. She will learn to trust you soon. I am just so happy for you when I read your blog and see each new picture. Ellie is beautiful..and you are one blessed momma!

The Stahnke's said...

Hey me again. I get a kick out of reading your daily updates because it sounds so much like my experiences. I wanted to tell you that they can fix a meal for you at the Silk Road and bring it right to your room. We were there in January so we had to be in by dark which was 5:00. We had dinner there every night. Some nights it was to much to got down and eat in the restaurant. I ordered the some kind of chicken with a garlic sauce and some roasted potatoes and that was really good. I tried many others but that was my favorite.

My son also had night terrors but it lasted for about 4 months or so. Every night he would just scream but he was never really awake or nor did he wants us. Some nights it was every hour. The psychologist told us they have to work through them on there own and unless he is screaming more then a few minutes to leave him alone. That was very hard to do, but he now has none of them, and sleeps a solid 11 hours every night, with two good naps every day. There is hope! Hang in there!


Kelli said...

Awww, her first tiara!

Marcy said...

Such cute pictures of her!!