Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Read Backwards

I'm "back posting" today with all the things I've been writing over the past few days so read backwards to catch up on everything. It's Thursday and in less than 24 hours we'll be leaving. Pray for Jennifer as she is sick -- we think maybe food poisoning. We hope it will pass before tomorrow.

Ellie had a HORRID night with constipation and screaming crying from the pain. Thank goodness I brought prune juice and we've managed to overcome a lot of it. Can't type much now as she is getting fussy because she's been up a while and we've been on Skype to Daddy, Josh and Nana. Nana is preparing me a home cooked meal for Friday night -- I can't WAIT!!!

We only have Internet in the lobby so it's hard to post or read email. I haven't read email in three or four days so if you've sent one, I haven't read it. Obviously, posting is hard too, so I'm sorry for lack of updates. I will catch up as I can today and will post lots when I return. I'm missing reading blogs too, so hopefully I can find an hour or two when I get home.

Love to all -- we miss you terribly!!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

You are almost done! Less than 48 hours until you are back in TN! I'm so sorry Jennifer is sick, I'll be praying for her. I laughed about the fall at the border, not AT you, but WITH you because I did the exact same thing! We were walking on ice and being the grnius that I am, had on Crocs. I fell flat on my tail with AP in the Snugli! Thank goodness she didn't even wake up :) And I can't believe your coordinator left you! No help at the airport? I feel certain that you guys will be fine, but what is he coordinating if he left you there to fend for yourself?

Hilary Marquis said...

Just a little thought. You probably were planning on it anyway, but make sure you get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. It can be a little bit of a mob. The good news is the hotel can get you a taxi easily enough. Just get to the ticket counter and there is only one path that takes you through passport control and into the gate area.

J & H said...

Hang in there...guys....You're almost HOME!!! Tell Jennifer I totally feel for husband and I were sick for two and a half weeks! (What a lovely souvenir..) :) You are in my prayers...