Sunday, October 5, 2008

5 -- And I Thought I Was Ready

HA! (By the way, I LOVE this photo of number 5).
I thought I was ready. I'll say it again. HA!
Friday and Saturday passed in a blur of activity and although much is done, it seems there is much more left to do than I imagined. Surprise.
Saturday we did sleep in until 9 a.m. -- something I'm sure we won't be doing much of in the upcoming year (my "M" on my computer is not working well -- do you know how many words have the letter "M"?). We had an away ballgame which the boys won 35-6. Way to go Vikings!! It was my last game before I leave, so it was a little bittersweet for me. It was my last game without Ellie. I know that it will be more challenging to photograph (me) and video (Kevin) with a little one around. Not that this isn't something we really want -- it's just a fact.
We had agreed several weeks ago that Josh could have his friend Caleb spend the night after the White House game. So, we came back with an extra. They have been fantastic and have gotten along well and played hard.
After the ballgame, we went to Santa Fe to celebrate my daddy's birthday. Granted, his birthday isn't for two weeks, but I'll be gone, so we did it now. After it was all over, I realized we didn't even have CAKE. Can you believe that??? Me, no cake? *sigh* Maybe when I return we can have cake to celebrate lots of things!!
We returned home to start on the myriad of tasks we need to do. I am proud to report that I have pretty much finished packing!!! I still need one more Space Saver bag, need to pack a few more small items, but overall the largest portion of packing is done. I am embarrassed to report that I take way too much stuff!!! I have a bag for Ellie, a bag for me, a bag for the orphanage. There is a rolling (small) carry-on and my diaper bag which is serving as a purse for my paperwork, books, camera and snacks for the trip there. The rolling carry-on is carrying a change of clothes, meds, toiletries and items I would need to pick up Ellie if my luggage got lost indefinitely. It will also include my laptop and the adoption paperwork.
I have cleaned a lot of things out of Ellie's room so it is starting to resemble a room again. Tomorrow Jennifer and I are making a Wal-mart run. I hope to be able to find a lampshade (pink) for one of the lamps that I haven't managed to get shade for, sheers for the window to go under the valance, a suitable trashcan for her room and maybe a rug. That should finalize the things we need for her room other than installing a closet organizer in her closet. Kevin says he will get the closet painted and that installed while I'm gone.
Five days. Wow. As I type, A. is likely there sleeping off her trip. It's 10 a.m. on Sunday. A week from today I'll be sleeping off our trip and the plane rides there will be over. I will be very, very close to getting Ellie. I can't imagine.
I'm looking forward to church as it will be the last Sunday for a while. I'll be gone two and then I don't want to return right away with Ellie as I know we'll be tired and she'll be a bit overwhelmed for a while. We are also not sure if there will be any medical issues we'll need to deal with so we think we'll stay home for a few weeks. So, another "last" tomorrow. Pretty soon, all the lasts will be over and we'll be starting a lot of "firsts". We can't wait!!


Terri said...

..and I can't wait to follow along on all those upcoming 'firsts'! I am so excited for you!!

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How exciting for you!
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