Sunday, October 26, 2008

Girl Sleep and Boy Sleep

It's 1:30 a.m. at our fair home and both Ellie and I are wide awake -- she in her Bumpo seat "reading" and I reading blogs and posting. She has a cold that she has shared with her mama and her nose is running. She does not like to have her nose cleaned.

Josh and Kevin are sound sleep upstairs -- as it should be -- and I'm wondering how long it will take for her and me to get on our "normal" sleep schedules.

She is in a very good mood, talking and laughing and smiling. Inteesting facts we've learned about her include that she can be made mad at the drop of a hat -- ie, not putting in her pacifier quickly enough; she loves patterns and fabric and rubs everything she sees; she likes music and will kick her feet along with the music; she likes to be kissed and will giggle if you kiss her on the lips; she is ticklish in her tummy and under her chin. She is happy most of the time. She likes to sleep with a pillow under her head and some part of her touching another person -- preferably, at this point, her mama. She can put both of her feet together, flat footed together -- it's amazing -- no one else in our house can, we've tried. Jennifer says she's going to be a gymnast. Speaking of Jennifer, no, I haven't talked to her yet. I'm hopeful she is sleeping!!
And, finally, here are a few cutie-patootey photos of her for you.

In her Bumbo seat - checking it out

Adding her tray and toys has been a bonus -- she loves to sit there and play and talk to them.

And, last, but not least, the balloons and butterfly that she got at the airport last night from Andrea and AP. She loves them!!

Josh stayed up until midnight -- I think he was both waiting for her to get up again so he could play with her and had missed me so much he wanted to be up with me. Either way, we enjoyed the time together. We have all decided not to go to church tomorrow as we are still in a crazy place right now -- not just Ellie but all of us. I, however, have found brownies that my friend Iris brought, so I'm not nearly as crazy as everyone else. *smile* Thank goodness for my 13 hour nap today or I'd be sinking fast now.

I am so incredibly happy to be home with this little princess!


Jan said...

Welcome Home and Congrats on the newest addition to your family!
Your determination amazes me and the tremendous amount of love that exudes from within you inspires me...what a great combination for a Mom!

Jackie S said...

Welcome Home Maria and Ellie! I finally had a chance to do some catch up on your blog :)

I recall the topsy turvy sleep took about 7-10 days to get on track. I would try to keep Nola up during the day (if I could) in order for her to become tired at night - our time. That seemed to help.

I wish you all well and so happy to see you are home with Ellie.


Terri said...

So glad to see you post from home. God is so good!!

Mayme said...

Welcome home! Ellie is adorable and I'm so glad you guys are home. Ellie sounds like Emma being flexible and having to touch everything.

Congrats and I hope everything gets back to "normal" real soon.


Lori said...

Yahoo!! You made it!! I'm so happy for you all and just cried and cried at the airport pictures!! Sounds like she is just fine with the royal treatments she is getting! I can't imagine how different her world must be right now, but she is exactly where she was meant to be, so....

Hope you get some REAL sleep and soon!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Welcome home girls!! You did it! I won't cry, because I cried enough for ten people when Aidai came home the other night :) As for Ellie's flexible trick I have one word...BALLERINA!!!

Monica said...

Oh Maria!!! You give us such HOPE! Your girly is just precious and looks great at HOME! Thx so much for sharing your journey with us.