Monday, September 29, 2008

11 Days !!!!!!! The Amazing Race

Is time ticking more quickly or what??? 11 days!!!! Unbelievable!!

Yesterday I worked on my work paperwork all day. Late in the evening, I began to gather up all the documents I'll need to take with me to "spring" Ellie from her country. I have I-600 forms, visa applications, powers of attorney in about 20 different formats (really, only two, but three copies of each), copies of Kevin's passport, photos of him with Ellie during Trip 1, copies of tax returns for the past three years, copies of my homestudy and most recent employment letters.

Copies, copies, copies!!

Toward the end, my printer started to warn me that my black ink is low. No surprises there.
As far as I can tell, my paperwork is all complete and ready to go. Another task complete.

Kevin and Josh had a great time camping out with the football team this weekend, but they were both so tired that they both were asleep by 9:00 Sunday night. Of course, that was more quiet time for me to be getting my work done. I'm hopeful that this week I'll get most of it caught up so I won't be leaving things undone for my friend Susan to do.

I've begun perusing through my book What to Expect the First Year. Granted, a lot of it jsut doesn't apply in our case since we are in a "non-tradition" situation, but it is indoctrinating me back into a world I haven't been in for quite a while.

Last night was the season premier of The Amazing Race: 13. Kevin, Josh and I love this show. I'm very excited about the participants this year and can't wait to see how it all plays out. The DVR is set to record while I'm gone so I can watch it in the wee hours of the morning while Ellie and I are recovering from our jet lag at 3 a.m. together, hopefully cuddling on the couch. *smile* I would LOVE to be on the Amazing Race sometime and I know Kevin would. Maybe one day we can do that!!! We'd definitely make for some entertaining TV. Girls, stop nodding your heads, ok!
I suppose Jennifer and I, along with Elizabeth and her mom, are pretty soon going to embark on our own Amazing Race. Six airplanes, five countries, four adults, one toddler, one infant, twelve days. Definitely amazing!!


Julie said...

Did you know htat TAR is going to Almaty (or is it Almety), Kazakastan? It's not Kryg, but it's close!

Julie said...

To clarify, I am talking about TAR (The Amazing Race) the TV show cuz the name of this entry is the same.