Friday, September 5, 2008

What I'm Reading These Days

I'm a HUGE fan of reading. Sadly, I don't seem to get as much time as I used to to read books. It might be that I'm reading blogs instead!! However, in the days leading up to bringing home Ellie, I thought it important to educate myself on attachment issues and other related adoption issues that I have steered away from until I got close to time (in fear I'd forget, most likely). Last night, I read until mid-night on the book Becoming a Family. I'd venture to say I have never read a non-fiction book with such voracity. I hate to call it a page-turner, but it was. It was very practical and informative about things to be prepared for in attachment, what healthy attachment looks like, tips for bringing your child home and so forth. It is also very honest. And while much of that honesty is frightening, I think it's better to be educated and have a healthy level of fear of what could happen than to stick one's head in the sand and think everything is going to be all rosy.

Jayne Schooler's book The Whole Life Adoption Book is another book that I've been enjoying as well. It is a more well-rounded book about adoption, also touching on attachment. It is written by people who know adoption and I have found it to paint a very realistic picture of adoption. I'm still not all the way through this one either so I'm working on them both at once.


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Looks like good books to be reading!