Tuesday, September 2, 2008

38 Days - Washing Clothes

It is 38 days until I get on the plane. I have begun to wash Ellie's clothes. Now, regular readers understand why this might be a bigger job than I anticipated. Keep in mind, I am only washing the clothes that she will be able to fit into when she comes home. I have finished one (very large) load and think that one additional (very large) load might finish it up. It has been a long time since I washed baby clothing and the one thing I noticed was that they are really, really hard to fold. Most of her clothes are on hangers and I would normally have hung them back up, but I figured it would be better to go ahead and fold the ones I plan to take with me. Hmmpppfff ... those things are hard to fold -- they are small. Several things, I think, needed ironing -- but I think my iron is too big.
My friends the McGowan's are currently in China. I've hit their blog about a hundred times today as it was Gotcha Day and I wanted to see photos. Sadly, Emma isn't feeling well and so Mayme didn't get to post photos yet. I am SO incredibly happy for them. It has been a long road for them as well. I'm glad Emma is finally with them so she can begin to enjoy life and her family and they can begin to enjoy her as well.


Marcy said...

38 days!! Oh my gosh!! It's so exciting!! 38 days will go by before you know it!!


Melissa said...

I,too, have checked on Mayme's blog 100 times today.

38 days isn't too much longer!

janiece said...

You are actually ironing???? Ok--I'm a wash and wear girl. If it can't come out of the dryer and wearable--doesn't work here!
Time is flying! So she'll be home and getting spoiled by mommy, daddy and big brother!