Thursday, September 25, 2008


360 hours. Time is ticking. We are almost to the two week mark.

Yesterday I got to baby-sit for my friend Michelle's baby, Caleb. He is nine-months old. I had a blast with him. GRANTED, I will admit, I knew he was only staying a couple of hours and so there was less pressure. We played, he ate lunch, we played more. He cleaned my floors by commando crawling all over them. His dad asked if we put a swifter on his belly. *smile* He laughed and smiled the entire time. I was so busy playing with him that I didn't even take any pictures. Silly me.

It was, honestly, though a reality check for Kevin and I about how much "dangerous" stuff we have in our house for a baby. Now, I don't mean things like chemicals or that, but knick-knacks, coffee tables with pointy edges, furniture with doors to pinch little fingers, small items suitable to choking hazards -- and on and on it goes. So... I feel certain that after we return home the baby-proofing will begin.

I didn't make a lot of progress on other things yesterday. Today, I have to work 7a-7p in the field so I won't get anything other than work done today either.


Anonymous said...

I know Caleb had fun with ya'll!

Margaret and Tom said...

15! That is soon now Maria! Don't even bother trying to sleep at this point, right?