Friday, September 26, 2008

Two Weeks

14 days. Two weeks. 336 hours.
I'm becoming more excited as each day passes.
As I once stated, each day has an "assignment" and by completing each of them, I'll have all things done that need to be done and ready to travel.
Yesterday I worked in the field from 7:30 - 7:30. I was SO tired. Kevin got the new bill situation taken care of so we can mark that off our list. Today and all of this weekend, I have paperwork running out of my ears. Kevin has a conference to attend. Josh and I are going to meet A. and her family tonight. I am SO excited to meet AP and C after reading about them on her blog for a year now! We have team pictures for football Saturday morning, a football game and I am helping my mom photograph a wedding that afternoon. Kevin and Josh have a football camp out Saturday night Saturday -- shot. Sunday we have church and then that evening our church is going to see Fireproof -- the new movie. Sunday -- gone. So, before I blink my eyes good, I'm at Monday and down to 11 days. Incredible. The next weekend is very similar. I promised Josh we'd go for "one last fling" to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Friday night, football on Saturday, birthday dinner with my dad Saturday night, church on Sunday, Kevin has a church meeting and Jennifer and I are going out to get our snacks and last minute items.
TWO WEEKS!! I'm coming, Ellie!!!! I am getting SO excited to see and hold you again. It's been so long ...

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

When you break it down like that it seems you will be leaving in no time! Looking forward to tonight.