Tuesday, September 23, 2008

16 Days

Let me just state for the record: space saver bags work. I've managed to flatten out all of Ellie's clothes and blankets, fit in a pack of diapers and still have a little more room in Ellie's suitcase. I also still have around 7-8 more pounds available. WHOO HOOO!!!
Things I still need to accomplish before leaving:
1. Write thank you notes.
2. Copy tax returns from last three years.
3. Check to see if I need additional passport photos for visa application.
4. Buy webcam and install Skype on Kevin's computer and my mom's computer.
5. Print and fill out Kyrg visa application.
6. Get new bills.
7. Get prescriptions for Ellie.
8. Finish up all work before I leave.
Manageable, I think, even in addition to the regular life activities that go on each day.


Christina said...

Oh my goodness! You have got a lot of stuff done. Not much longer until you will be holding sweet Ellie in your arms forever. I am so happy for you and we need to get together sometime after both of our babies are home. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I cannot wait to see your Gotcha Day pictures.

Lori said...

Good to know about Space Savers...I have a package in my trunk (along with all sorts of other junk) and haven't ventured to try them as I was so enamored with them to begin with, I didn't want to be disappointed when they didn't work. Ahh...such is the life of an infomercial junkie.

Hilary Marquis said...

If you are planning on getting your Kaz visa after you are in country you do need at least two passport photos. I would definitely recommend taking some.

Tim Marquis