Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go Josh Latham!!!

What a FANTASTIC day of football Joshua had against White House!! We lost, but MAN he was on fire. Every few minutes I was hearing his name over the speaker being given credit for another tackle. He saved the opposing team from scoring a touchdown on a fourth down play. Way to go, Josh!!! If muddy pants are an indication, he must have rolled all over the field during the game.

Sadly, however, my camera broke a few plays into the game. I sent it off back in April to have the focusing mechanism repaired. I took a photo and it was fine and then tried to take another and it wouldn't focus or take a picture. So... it appears it will have to go back on Monday. Fortunately, there was a six month warranty on the labor so I won't have to pay for it again. I LOVE my camera but it has truly given me trouble this year. I did manage to get a couple of photos of Josh prior to it breaking so here you go -- my little superstar.

Apparently, we got a call from one of his coaches who indicated that the White House team was even impressed with Josh ("that Number 74") today.

On one kid's back

Climbing off another kid

On another kid's back

Beside one kid, under another

Climbing up off yet another kid

I'm sure there are some sore boys in White House tonight after being tackled repeatedly by Josh!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

Way to go, Josh! We were secretly rooting for him, even though we live in White House!