Monday, September 15, 2008

Adoption Updates

On Saturday we received our replacement I171H. Kevin said, as I pulled it out of the mailbox, "Put this one somewhere safe." I haven't a clue what he means by that. *smile*

We are three and a half weeks away -- WOW -- that sounds close, doesn't it -- from returning to pick up The Princess. It's been a long time since the last photos so I wonder how/if she's changed, if she's gained weight, if she's healthy. No one, that I know of, is going back to Tokmok until the travel group before mine. I'm not sure if I'll get photos from them, because I'm not sure if any of them are taking laptops.

The valance has been ordered! Yay. I got a confirmation and then today I found out that the lampshade (that I went ahead and ordered too since it was free shipping and no tax and was on sale) was on back order. I've just cancelled it because they were going to wait to send the valance until the shade came in. Yeah, right.

We are having yet another yard sale on Friday. We had way too many good items left to just Goodwill them all so we are going to throw it all out again on Friday and see if we can get rid of a little more. Then we can close out the storage building and take the rest of the things to Goodwill or have someone pick it up and take it off. I'll be glad to get rid of it all. I'm going to go through more things this week to see if there is more we can move out.

I've put in a call to our travel agent and spoke with him about the tickets we had on hold. Hopefully, tomorrow we can book those and put that to rest. It will REALLY seem real at that point, huh?

Elizabeth, my travelling buddy, called today to let me know that her agency told her that the papers were signed by the judge. Still haven't heard that "official" word from my agency, but Elizabeth's agency has never been wrong, so I'm believing them.

I'll leave you with another picture of our beautiful daughter and her daddy. It's one of my favorite photos. (ha! They're all my favorites!!)

Look at how she's looking at him!! She is so lucky to have him for a daddy; we are so lucky to have her for a daughter!


Kelli said...

Wow- 3 1/2 weeks- that will be here before you know it!

Anita said...

Awww.....LOVE the daddy/daughter need to frame those! Hugs! Anita

Mom to 2 Angels said...

3 and a half weeks doesn't sound like a long time at all! She looks so tiny in her daddy's arms. Good luck with the yard sale.

Lori said...

You tell that husband of yours that you DID put the last one somewhere safe. And when you remember where that safe place was, he'll be glad that you have an extra!!!

I have so many "safe" places in my life...I will strike GOLD when I find them all!

Congrats on the valence and I LOVE the pictures!