Sunday, September 21, 2008

19 Days - Oh My!!!

We are now in the teens. Can you believe it? Well, let me tell you I can. As I'm writing this, I'm on the cusp of Sunday (the actual 19 day start) and I am exhausted.

Kevin has hung the valance in Ellie's room along with shelves on the wall and a picture over her bed for me. I was able to create a little display of her items from Kyrgyzstan directly across from her crib. I really like how it looks.

I also began the daunting task of trying to pack her bag. Someone please answer this for me:

How can a 12 pound baby need 50 pounds

worth of items for only 10 days?????

I reduced my initial "to take" pile substantially. I'm still wondering how I'm going to get it all there. When we flew over, we flew BMI*/*United and the baggage limit was 70 pounds per bag, two bags per person. Since we had Josh we could have six bags. This time, it's just two of us so four bags. Jennifer and I had both said we'd each take one large bag for our things and then I'd have one for Ellie and we'd share one for the snacks/food and any other things we needed it for -- sort of an "overflow". HA!!! That's still the plan, but now I'm checking online to see if Ellie can have a bag. I know she can have a bag returning, but someone explain to me how I can have a bag for her on the way back and not have it on the way there??? If I had an extra "small" bag, I'd be great.

Oh, I've spent a while on the KLM* site and their partner site, North*west. I'm as confused as ever. Probably because I'm sleepy.

Last night, for some reason, Josh ran a high fever from about 9:00 - 1:00. When we finally got two extra strength Tylenol. one Motrin in him, along with a tepid bath, he cooled down and got to sleep. He was perfectly fine this morning. He's been fine all day. We aren't sure what it was, but it reminded me of the late nights being up with sick babies. It makes for a tiring day the next day.

Speaking of Josh, as I was getting the suitcase out to begin packing for Ellie, I became quite sad. I am going to miss him so very much while I'm gone. I love that little fellow so much -- even when he's driving me crazy sometimes!!! I'm going to miss Kevin a whole lot too. This is going to be hard -- leaving them home for two full weeks. I'm glad I have Jennifer to go with me so it will make missing them a little easier. I so wish the trip were shorter.

Josh played football today against South Cheatham. It was a very close game all the way through. The finally pulled out a win with a score of 23-20. I'll write more and post photos tomorrow.


Kelli said...

Yay for the teens! Good luck with the packing- I know I will have the same problem!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Yes, packing is hard. We were lucky b/c we had C with us we could take 6, but that also meant we had to carry 6 through the airport. That was the hard part for us! Especially on th eway back, trying to keep up with a new baby, a 3 year old, and all of our luggage. I just kept AP in the Snugli the whole time. Did I read that you already have one of those? We have one you can have :)