Thursday, September 11, 2008

29 - Private Blog Opened

Twenty-nine more days. Man, we are in the 20s already. I really need to start doing something. That non-motivation has hit me again.

While we traveled for trip 1, I had a private blog. I have now taken the privacy settings off it and am able to share it. For those interested and who want to see all the photos I posted of Ellie while we were in country, the link is:

And here is one of my FAVORITE photos of Ellie yawning. I don't know WHY I like this photo so much, but I LOVE it!!

Stay tuned for more photos over the next four weeks and one day.

I also have a post I'm working on with photos some of the coolest gifts she's gotten lately. I'm too tired tonight to do it though.


Mala said...

She looks like a little pink lion roaring in that picture!!! Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!
Yay! Thanks for sharing

Jes said...

I love that photo too - what a precious baby!

Jackie S said...

I love crinkle face pictures. It's easy to understand why you love that image ;)


Ann said...

absolutely beautiful. 29 will be gone before you know it. Soon we at home will be counting down your days until you come home.

Ann B.

Michele said...

She is so cute & that face is to die for. She looks so much cuter in your arms then laying in that bed they had her in. I can't wait to see how big she is when you bring her home.

Melissa said...

She is just precious!