Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Stuff

Ok, so I'm really, really tired and have lots to write about so I'm cramming it all into one post and calling it "random stuff". I have no creativity left in my body; it has all been sucked out by the adoption process.

Today, I wrote thank you notes which were embarrassingly late. I purchased an additional converter, just in case I blow up the one Kat is loaning me I'll have a backup. We learned last time that they are pretty much impossible to come by in country. I picked up tissue paper and curly ribbon for the gift bags for the gifts we were asked to bring. The "new bills" are ready for pick-up. I managed to get the final gift -- one for the orphanage director. I'd love to tell you what it is, but sadly I don't remember. I got another pack of space saver bags as I'm going to try to get my clothes picked out and space bagged this weekend. I'll just have to wear something else the rest of the week.

Shannon asked me about how Skype works. This is something I was very curious (and afraid) about before I used it as well. I spent a lot of time wondering what equipment was needed, how much it really cost, etc. So, for Shannon, here is a brief synopsis of how it worked for us. I downloaded the free software from www.skype.com . After that, I purchased $10 of airtime via the same site. I did not buy a headset or receiver or anything as my computer has a microphone built it. After downloading, your system will guide you through making a test call to see if it's set up properly. That's it. If you want to call a land line or cell phone, it was $.02 a minute. I think there is a per call charge as well, maybe $.10??? If you are calling another computer that has Skype it is free -- yes, FREE!!!! Yay. We now both have webcams on our computers, so when we call each other's computer, we can see each other. It will be fantastic while I'm away. If you have more questions, let me know, I'll try to answer them.

I'm getting more and more excited every day.

Oh, and another topic. Regular readers will remember my recent post about Joshua's artwork about the assassignation of Teddy Roosevelt by erasers. WELL .... thanks to A., I realized that the reason I was asked to sign it was not because he was drawing in social studies class, but because he had drawn a gun. *sigh* Before anyone becomes defensive, I fully understand that teachers have a role to help protect the children in school and that recent series of school shootings have made them cautious. I also realize they don't know all the families of their students, their home life, their true feelings, etc. But, come on.

When I went in to ask the teacher about it during my volunteer time on Monday, I told her I felt like a fool. After all, I asked for it back to put on my refrigerator!!! She said she realized that Josh had not done it for any malicious reason, but that they are supposed to take it to a guidance counselor and the principal. Oh.My.Goodness.

What a sad world we are living in when ten-year-old boys can't draw pictures of things like guns. Funny thing is, I asked both Braiden and Kirstin to look at the picture and tell me why Josh might have gotten in trouble for drawing this. Even after prompting, neither of them could figure out that is was because he drew a gun. When I told them why, they confirmed what Josh told me, "All the boys draw pictures of guns." I did explain to his teacher that this way of thinking was so incredibly foreign to me that I would have NEVER understood why it was a big deal if A. hadn't told me. I told her to be more specific for me in the future. We just don't think like that, I guess.

I'm headed to bed. I've had a splitting headache and neck ache ALL day. I could use a massage, I think. I'll have to make do with a Motrin. *smile*

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