Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football Saturday

What an exciting game Joshua's team had today! Their team played the South Cheatham Indians. The game started with a touchdown by the other team -- which made everyone nervous. It was back and forth during the entire game. At half time, the coaches did a great job motivating the players. Since I'm able to be in the sidelines, I told Josh that tackles where the announcer called his name would result in $5. He managed to ask if a sack would get him $10. Thinking that I was pretty safe on this front, I agreed. Well, I shouldn't have, as it turns out.

After the game, we asked the guy who kept the stats to verify and Josh had two tackles where his name was called (after the half) and he had two sacks. I ended up owing him $30, which he promptly used at Target, after the game, to buy a wireless guitar for his Guitar Hero game. Next week, he can play for the thrill of the game -- I've learned my lesson. His line coach told me that Josh has had the best season of his "career" (right, like a ten-year-old has had a career, but, whatever). He has had a very good season this year. The final score on the game was Vikings 23 - Indians 20.

After football, we brought two of his friends home and they played all afternoon. They were a riot!!! They were all filthy by the time they went home. There is nothing better than dirty boys -- that's the way God meant them to play!!

Sorry these are out of order -- much to do and no time to move them around!

Josh makes a great tackle (#74)

Josh takes on the tallest guy on the team. I'll bet he was 5'5" at least.

Half-time, listening to the coaches

Getting up from a tackle

Exercising before the game

Hanging out pre-game
Drink break during before game warm-ups
Josh and his friend and team-mate Caleb


Julie said...

What kind of camera did you use with these football pictures? They are great!!

Maria said...

Julie, I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Thanks for the kind comment.