Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Football

Josh's football team played again today and won their game against the Cowboys 36-0. Josh only played about half the game since the second string players played a lot today. It's always nice when they get to play a lot as well since they come to practice every week and work hard too.

Here are a few photos of Josh (#74) from today. I only have one more game before I leave. I will miss two of his games while I'm away and that makes me really sad. I have never missed any of his football games since he started playing (at least that I remember). It's one of the things I feel strongly about (personally) as a mom -- that it's important to be at his games and school events and whatever he is doing.

When I return, his team will be in the playoffs the next day. I don't think I'm "jinxing" anything there, as it's pretty certain that will happen. Round two and/or Superbowl is still up in the air.

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